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Our Mandate

Our Mission

Our Vision

To develop new strategies for attracting funding and support from the public and private sectors for research and innovation activities.

To promote, monitor and evaluate research projects and prospects within the University and for the benefit of national development.

To attract quality research funding and enhance quality research and publication along with improving the knowledge base of researchers



The University Research Administration office is located in the School of postgraduate building Room 5.

Email: urpc@uniben.edu

The Law establishing the University of Benin (the University of Benin Edict No.3 of 1975 etc.) which spells out the function of the University amongst others, stresses the need to make provision for research in its objectives [Section (4)] and make provision for research , print, produce and publish works of research and such other works [Section (5) ].

In pursuance of this, the University of Benin since 1975 established the University Research and Publication Committee (URPC) which is to promote the development of research and encourage publications in the University. In 2014 the Nigerian University Commission (NUS) in line with National goals and needs mandated a Functional Research Administration Offices in all Universities. 


The Research Administration office is saddled with the responsibilities of providing information, collating, administering, managing and coordinating research activities in the University. It also facilitates sponsorship, monitoring and evaluate research processes and progress in the University.